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“Thin and Bold, an online furniture brand found by two young individuals who possessed the same enthusiasm in style and creativity // Featuring modern aesthetic Oak and Teak with elements of sleek steel, uniquely crafted to implement the principles of simplicity and utility in every approach. ”

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Kent Lim 

Kent’s inspirations stem from his early years in UK where he read Interior Architecture in London Metropolitan University. His design practice begin worked on sustainable industrial warehouses in Malaysia. Kent worked his way through all aspect of the interior industry and develop a strong emphasis on space, line and form and likes the idea of merging the essentials to a good design product, giving the contemporary style its zest and fizz. It was this belief in the combination of elements practice that first lead Kent to conjoin with Esther to start-up Thin and Bold online.

Esther Ng

Pursued in Law and legal studies during her uni days, Esther carries a strong passion in art and living as well. Constantly scouting for inspirations and exploring the best in design today from lifestyle and fashion to home living and furnishing. Having spent a decade in social media scene as a prominent lifestyle blogger + digital consultant, Esther noticed the potential of fabricating the furniture business online, combining her social aspirations and Kent’s profession into one. With that, Thin & Bold was born. Re-creating lifestyle in a nutshell. 




Thin & Bold, a combination and mixture of art, style as well as design. We introduce well-crafted furniture that support activities of daily living. Timeless and hardwood chic with a charming dash of wit, our furniture feature the life and soul of trees by incorporating the natural cracks and knots of solid wood into design, making each piece unique and beautiful in its own way!

To top if off, we create services that strive to provide our customers a fun and hassle-free online shopping experience.


Justin was born near Sherwood Forest, Nottingham. He first started producing live-edge furniture, which makes use of the natural shape of the tree, while living in Hanoi in 1998. By 2005, Justin’s quest for the ultimate timber source for his live-edge furniture was bordering upon obsession and had taken him to see timber merchants from Croatia to Canada. Sustainability, large diameters, correct kiln drying, beautiful colour and a strong definition between the mature heartwood and the young sapwood were just some of the qualities he was searching for, with the aim of bringing together this unique combination; the secrets of the alchemist finisher and the wisdom of the woodsman.

“ Keeping designs simple and light is the most effective way to spotlight the soul of the tree. By balancing the flowing beauty of nature with finely engineered structure we can showcase man’s understanding of the rational and the aesthetics” – JUSTIN WHEATCROFT

Edward studied at the London College of Furniture where he pursued his passion for working with solid wood. He then began restoring antique furniture and acquired a knowledge of traditional wood finishes working at Rupert Bevan Ltd. He initially specialized in gilding and painting before going on to tackle everything from French polish to modern lacquers. Edward sourced his products from all over Asia and designed for local manufacturers in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. But a strong desire to create something different still lingered, something that made use of the materials, recipes and techniques of old to bring out the natural beauty of solid wood furniture.

“Its inspiring to think that hardwood has been used as a building material since the dawn of time and the joinery techniques we use follow a tradition dating back hundreds of years. Today its still one of the most ecologically sound and beautiful of materials to use” – EDWARD STODDART

Hugo’s furniture is eclectic and he derives his inspiration from nature through life and modern art, from the fine lines of Scandanavian minimalism through his French and Italian culture and tradition to the natural understanding of Japanese aesthetics. Inspiration feels divine the moment it appears, but he knows that true inspiration comes with hard work of creative minds and skilled hands.

“Natural beauty is perfect and timeless. Deriving inspiration from nature through life and modern art, and combining with human creativity, possibilities are endless. Our passion is classy yet playful innovations. Using solid woods, we allow the divine interventions of nature to ultimately define our designs” -HUGUES REVUELTA



We are looking for strong entrepreneurial drive, passion for retail, liar for marketing, and the desire to challenge yourself. We are committed to training and supporting each team member to help you reach your goals and to have you grow with us.