Seared Oak with Serious Soul

At Thin & Bold, we believe that sharing information about the materials we use for our furniture is one of the main things we focus on. As a combination and mixture of art, style as well as design, we introduce well-crafted furniture that support daily activities, and as one of the materials that frequently employ, it is with great pleasure to present you with some quick facts about Oak.

1600x640-Seared-oakPhoto Credit: Weylands

“Seared oak collection celebrates the life and soul of trees by incorporating the natural cracks and knots of the wood into the design, making each piece unique and beautiful in its own way.”


– Kerr, Sales & Digital Marketing





Oak has been used for centuries in building trade and has established great reputation for durability. Applying oak as a furniture  material, it will last for decades without diminishing in strength. It can even resist most surface stains and scratches, which is great for day to day activities.




Oak is perceived to one of the easiest to maintain material. With just polishing it at least twice per year, it will keep the furniture at the prime state. Fret not! Scratches can be easily buff out as well. It is important to make sure you treat your oak with care, as no furniture will stay perfect if it is abused. Oak will last a long time with little maintenance, which makes it a solid choice for anyone looking for sustainable piece of furniture. To top it off, Oak is remarkably resistant to fungal and insect attacks.




The sophisticated yet elegant grains from Oak is one of the striking features that made us fall in love with it. The intricate pattern that Oak carries gives the Oak made furniture a distinctive finish, making the furniture you own a unique piece. At Thin & Bold, we feature two different types of finishes – Raw Oak and Seared Oak. Raw Oak gives a soft untreated natural look with a matt finish and excellent protection to the timber. The Seared Oak is a brown Wenge finish with a beautiful light and dark interplay.




Aside from the practical functionalities, the Oak tree has been a celebrated plant since the ancient world. It was believed that the Oak tree was once sacred to Zeus, king of the gods in Greek Mythology, where his voice was carried through the leaves of an oak tree and priests would then interpret the rustling of the leaves as the message he was trying to convey. Interestingly, other religions such as the Romans, Teutonic, Druids and others also embraced the oak tree. So, the next time when you’re purchasing a beautiful oak furniture, bear in mind that you are indeed using a material that some believe has literally been sent down from heaven.


UntitledBy selecting legal wood accreditation PEFC forestry management system we ensure that all wood used in all stages of production cycle complies with international standards ///