How to DIY Your Christmas Decor In The Simplest Way

Christmas is just around the corner and it will never be complete without Christmas home decoration. But decorating for the Christmas season in a small house or apartment can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. When space is at a premium, it’s not easy to move or even remove furniture to accommodate a 5 ft. tall Christmas tree. With this concern in mind, we’re presenting you a few useful tips on how to brighten up your nest with minimum spending and space required!

  1. Christmas tree (substitutes)

    Thin & Bold – Vega Coffee Table
    Go petite! Sometimes smaller objects too have their own uniqueness that makes them stand out from the rest of the furniture. You just have to find them the right spot for the season.

  2. Centerpiece

    Thin & Bold – Kulu Dining Table
    Too empty a dining table? DIY yourself a centerpiece with candles/ ornaments/ pinecones, claim the floor and be creative! Oops, the dining table, I mean.

  3. Bowls

    VEGA Chest of 6 Drawers
    Clear bowls, designer bowls, or any pretty & decorative bowls for that matter. Ever wonder what else to add to the decoration to make them stand out? During this season celebration, put all of your ornaments into the bowls and voila!

  4. Table Lamps

    Thinking of a way to turn your home into a cozy space to snuggle up on the couch during the holiday season? Adding a lamp to your home may warm up the ambience, creating the best place to spend time with your loved ones this coming Christmas!

  5. More Ornaments!

    Glove - Siku Sideboard
    Thin & Bold – Siku Sideboard
    Oh the ornaments. I’ve never realize how useful ornaments are until last year’s Christmas, when I had to decorate my house by myself. Living in an apartment has been putting me off a lot of home deco especially during Christmas seasons. However I’ve found out the wonders of using ornaments in decorating my furniture. These ornaments comes in various types and color schemes, you could even decorate according to the themes of your Christmas decor!


    Happy holiday decorating, peeps!


    Written and photographed by Yiyen Ng