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The British BAR Stool That Stuns!

Always passionately driven by art, lifestyle, fashion and designs - Thin & Bold constantly aim to bring every home a functional yet timeless piece of furniture that is often 'Sustainably Inspired'. THE NEW ARRIVAL The SOLI series has long established its name ever since Thin & Bold was founded. That curve Oak back and thin steel...


'The Summer Arabian' 2017 Festive Raya Campaign by Thin & Bold. Inspired by the elegant Arabian art and cultural designs - mixed and mingled together with our very own all year round summer tropical ambience, let inviting hot vibrant tones give your home a romantic summer glow. From little Arabian standing lanterns to luxurious duck-feathered...

Teak – Sense and Simplicity

Wood is a living material that adapts to your home environment. It changes throughout its life, and time is a catalyst for character and charm. People develop relations with wooden furniture that last a lifetime and beyond. Modern finishing techniques offer enforcement to keep furniture beautiful in its natural colour and last for decades. Being an…


Seared Oak with Serious Soul

At Thin & Bold, we believe that sharing information about the materials we use for our furniture is one of the main things we focus on. As a combination and mixture of art, style as well as design, we introduce well-crafted furniture that support daily activities, and as one of the materials that frequently employ,...

How to DIY Your Christmas Decor In The Simplest Way

Christmas is just around the corner and it will never be complete without Christmas home decoration. But decorating for the Christmas season in a small house or apartment can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. When space is at a premium, it’s not easy to move or even remove furniture to accommodate a 5…


Welcome to Thin & Bold !

It took us almost 5 months to brainstorm, touring Asia searching for the best manufacturer, sourcing for sustainable materials, and bringing all our thoughts and ideas into reality. It was not easy, but definitely a fun and adrenaline pumpin’ journey to go through for the whole team!