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“Thin and Bold takes pride in understanding Teak & Oak in all its complexity, by selecting the best quality and most environmentally responsible suppliers they produce an exceptional quality.”



Oak has been a favourite for years, one of the most striking features of oak is the beautiful grain it boast and obtain a sense of presence, sophistication and elegance. Oak wood has unmistakable natural warmth that comes through in every piece.

High level of tannin contest can be found in Oak, making it ideal choice and extreme resistant to insects and fungal attack. Maybe even more pride than the beauty of Oak piece , is its durability. Oak darkens over time and where cared for correctly will last a lifetime, developing a deeper, evermore beautiful patina.


A soft untreated natural look with a matt finish and excellent protection to the timber


A brown Wenge finish with a beautiful light/dark interplay

Teak is regarded as one of the most beautiful, high-quality woods manufactured today. It’s a very dense, straight-grained hardwood, high natural oil concern and a distinctively aromatic scent

Widely renowned for its durability and resistance to rotting, Its high level of resinous oil acts as a natural insect repellent, giving it a very high resistance to termites.

Unlike many other wood products, teak requires little maintenance and its exceptionally durable. With proper care and cleaning routine, expect your teak furniture slowly take on a beautiful, golden honey tone.

Recycled sand cast iron used in some of the designs, and this involves the collection of old engine block, machines and disused equipment. This materials is melted over 1500 degrees in a furnace before set in carefully crafted sand mould. The traditional process is highly skilled and can produce a great variety of shapes and effects .

The metal is then finished by oxidising the surface for a natural black patina or other effects are created by traditional gilding techniques.

Solid brass is also cast or cut by not wire to form small component before being
patinated into a variety of colours.



OAK has a high level of tannin, which gives space for the creation of interesting colours and effects. The alchemy lies in combining these with special chemical preparations, which then react to create many beautiful finishes.
The advantage of these processes is that the colour penetrates deep into the wood and it wont scratch or rub over time. Each individual piece has its own unique look, based on the grain patterns and the strength of the natural tannin present in the timber.

To enhance and protect the colours created by the finishing processes, the best imported European products are used as a topcoats. The preference is for hardwearing finishing oils rather than lacquers. These vegetable based oil are blended with modern resins to give a natural look but with greatly improved performance. They offer good water and scuff resistance, they don’t chip or flake and are easy to maintain and repair.


The color of teak wood is golden like amber. It is beautiful, extremely durable and requires little maintenance, which make teak wood excellent for furniture. Each piece holds a unique natural fingerprint with its history. No two pieces look the same. The end result is in the hands of nature.
All of our teak wood is reclaimed from old buildings and structures and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We receive the wood still with nails and original paint, before we restore it and bring it to new life.
Wood is a living material that adapts to your home environment. It changes throughout its life, and time is a catalyst for character and charm. People develop relations with wooden furniture that last a lifetime and beyond. Modern finishing techniques offer enforcement to keep furniture beautiful in its natural color and strong for decades. As our commitment to our environment, we use only water based finishing and top coating for our furniture.



By selecting legal wood accreditation both FSC certified & PEFC forestry management system we ensure that all wood used in all stages of production cycle complies with international standards “